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Roof Shingles

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for All Your Inquiries

Insurance Process

  1. Full Free Property Inspection by a Saints Exteriors team member to document any storm damage.

  2. File an Insurance Claim- Let them know you are working with Saints Exteriors.

  3. Schedule an adjustment Inspection where Saints Exteriors will work with your insurance.

  4. Provide Saints Exteriors with insurance paperwork.

  5. Project review: Work with your Representative to pick your materials that work best to restore your home. 

  6. Construction begins: Your home will be restored and comes with a transferable workmanship and manufacturing warranty.

Why Do I need a General Contractor?

Homeowners may become overwhelmed with the claim process after a storm has caused damage to their home. Many may have never even delt with filing an insurance claim. We partner with you and the insurance company to help you step by step with this process so your home may be restored for you and your family.

FAQ About Insurance Policies

  • Will Filing a claim cost me money ?  The insurance company is paying for your restoration. Your only obligation will be your deductible.

  • What is depreciation? It is based of a formula of the age of your home as well as the insurance adjusters observation of your property. The insurance company will withhold depreciation as an incentive to get the homeowner to complete the work correctly. 

  • What is an ACV? It is the Actual Cash Value also known as Market value.

  • What is RCV? It is the Replacement Cash Value which means the cost to restore your home with materials of the same value.

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